About us

MIE Co Ltd was founded in 1977 in Cyprus defining one-stop full service maritime supply.

Almost 40 years later, MIE and its Greek Branch Office in Pireaus have evolved immensely and are now designing and building Company Presence and Local Identity. In what is probably the world’s toughest maritime market, we are here to help you rise and thrive.

We know our Market and we know International Markets.

Continuous and Extensive Market Analysis combined with uninterrupted Support and Monitor are at the core of MIE’s Operations. Through a dedicated, highly skilled team of professionals, localized market penetration is as easy as you can think with the operation costs staying competitively low and you can always count on dealing with an ever expanding Customer Portfolio offering exciting business opportunities.

We are proud of our customers, who have put their trust in our mission and our values:

Integrity > Respect > People > Development > Family

About us

A unique tool to assist Chief EngineersSuperintended Engineers and Technical Managers to assess the condition of a vessel’s engine by comparing actual running parameters to their optimum values and how these develop in time.

Comparing the data helps owners and managers to determine optimal engine performance, thus minimizing fuel consumption, emissions and thermal and mechanical stress on the engine.